Welcome to the Base Station of the World’s First Employee Database of the World’s First Mountain Climbing Railroad

A railroad 150 years old with perhaps as many as 10,000 employees in those years. This basic academic research website is designed to collect and collate names of the women and men who worked on the Mt. Washington Railway and its companion organizations (Summit house, Base Station, Marshfield) from 1866 forward.


The "Sunset Special" was the last train up the mountain. The Jitney Years project is now preparing to send the last train up the mountain before committing to a final print-out of the manuscripts. This is a "last boarding call" for any information that should be included. Updates already in the Pipeline! Contact Jitney Jr directly [tim(dot)lewis(at)northernvermont(dot)edu] (preferred) with any additions or corrections OR use the…

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Jitney Years Project Manuscripts

Descriptions of Manuscripts

Jitney's Operating Manual

Learn how to safely operate a Cog Railway train in the 1950-1967 era. Check out the Cogger profile updates from the Cog Clatter newspaper (1966-1967). Get the history of Cog Railway worksite locations AND find notes from the Shop Repair Logs, Cog Documents from NH state archives & Maps of Various railway building configurations. Manuscript as of Mar 2023.

Vol. 1 Ops Manual v2 - 903 pgs / 338 mb / Mar 2023

Mt. Washington Cog Railways
Mt. Washington Cog Railways

Aggregated Timeline

A collection of Cog specific newspaper articles through March 2023 in two volumes. Follow the day-by-day, blow-by-blow account of the World’s first Mountain-Climbing Railroad as told by reporters working during the 10 ownership eras - collated, transcribed and edited by Jitney Jr.

Vol. 3A Timeline - 1866 to 1967 v3 - 838 pgs / 291 mb
Vol. 3B Timeline - 1968 to 2023 v3 - 775 pgs / 345 mb

Mt. Washington Cog Railways
Mt. Washington Cog Railways

Jitney Years Appendix

Originally part of the Operating Manual, the Appendix now stands alone with new takes on usual Cog Railway topics like Peppersass & the Devil’s Shingle. Learn more about “other” Cog Railways, the “first” diesel loco proposal, struggles at the Summit (both natural & political), and members of the Cog family as artists, storytellers & serving their country - some as leaders - some as spies (?) as well as some inter-family squabbles. Manuscript as of Mar 2023.

Vol. 4 Appendix v2 - 843 pgs / 843 mb